Assistants Serv.:  Own Prevention Serv. | Tecnic Office

Besides all services like drilling, blasting and mine machines, PERVOSA puts at disposition of his clients works of scale control, Laboratory Operators , office cleaning, etc.
In our works, we also offer technical support and special advisory Address Optional from exploitation: document management; of blasting, seismograms, topography, Tecnic Office, like blasting projects, etc.

Own Prevention Serv.
PERVOSA also we have a Own Prevention Service with the modalities of preventive occupational safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics and psychosociological, consisting of technicians which are basic in prevention of work risks.

Tecnic Office
Service "de asesoria" tecnic miner like blasting projects.Processing permits.Ownership Oper.Profilechecking.Measurements of Noise/Dust.

Assistants Serv.

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